2 nd Floor FRANÇAIS 230

Espace 230 / Art contemporain Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm–5pm

AI, AR and Human Faces

Jihane Mossalim

Permanent Exhibition

Louis-Bernard St-Jean

May 17 to June 22 Opening: May 18, 5pm8pm 3 rd Floor 314

Centre des arts actuels Skol Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm–5:30pm

La maison à jouer de S.L.

Dider Morelli

April 20 to May 27 325

Atelier Suárez Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm–6pm

What for My Maddened Heart I Most Was Longing

Kara Eckler

June 10 to July 15 Opening: June 10, 5pm8pm 4 th Floor 403

Galerie B-312 Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm–5pm

Air Condenser

Gary Lapointe Jr. and Clay Mahn

May 5 to June 23 410

Laroche/Joncas Wednesday to Friday, 11am–6pm Saturday, 12pm-5pm

1 Family, 4 Artists, 2 Exhibitions

Anna Torma, Balint Zsako, David Zsako, and Istvan Zsako

Andy Warhol

Steve Giasson

April 28 to May 27 May 31 to July 1 st Opening: June 1 st , 4pm8pm 412

Patel Brown Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm–5pm

Lignées vivantes

Muriel Ahmarani Jaouich

May 25 to July 1 st Opening: May 25, 5pm8pm 414

McBride Contemporain Wednesday to Saturday, 11am–5pm


Jim Holyoak

May 25 to July 1 st Opening: May 25, 6pm–8pm 416

Chiguer Art contemporain Wednesday to Saturday, 11am–5pm

Désordre naturel

Dan Brault

Mai 11 to June 3 Opening: May 11 at 4pm 426

Arprim Wed., 12pm–5pm; Thursday, 12pm–6pm Friday and Saturday, 12pm–5pm

Première Impression

The finalists of the Prix Albert-Dumouchel pour la relève 2023

Culture graphique V

Group exhibition

May 31 to June 17 Opening: June 3 at 3:30pm May 31 to June 17 Opening: June 3 at 3:30pm 427

Atelier d’art photographique Tuesday to Thursday, 11am–4pm

Le Carnaval de Venise

Jean-Claude Lussier

May 9 to June 30 442

Galerie POPOP Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm–5pm

Domaines de la volonté

Marie-Syrine Daignault


Ursula Oberholsen

May 25 to June 10 Opening: May 25 at 5pm June 12 to June 19 444

CIRCA art actuel Wednesday to Saturday, 12pm–5:30pm

DIY Flood

Manuel Poitras

Engin et Art : Se protéger des intempéries

Caroline Fillion

May 6 to June 17 Opening: May 6, 2pm5:30pm May 6 to June 17 Opening: May 6, 2pm5:30pm 5 th Floor 502

Galeries Bellemare Lambert Tuesday, 12pm–5pm Wednesday to Saturday, 11am–5pm

Group exhibition

May 13 to June 10 507

SBC Galerie d’art contemporain Closed until September

Upcoming exhibition

Mid-September 508

Galerie Hugues Charbonneau Wednesday to Friday, 12pm5pm

Snip, Cut, Stich, Slice

Maria Hupfield and Karen Tam

May 10 to June 22 Opening: May 20, 3pm–5pm

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